About Rydey

Rydey is a technology enabled transportation platform, which provides solutions for all your employee travel needs. We have all the expertise to provide you seemless service for the movement of your best resource. We started our Journey with Start up mission and are aggregators who guarantees 100 % reliability to all our customers. Our technology solutions help us to service both small and large customers with ease.

We will provide unique ride experience to a organizations who just needs 1 booking a month to companies which require 1000. You just need to Register with us, as simple as that.

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What do we solve ?

Moving employees on a day today basis is infact one of the greatest pain for employers. If you are not aware of the same, just ask your admin team. It requires a lot of paperwork's. Most of them won't be able to find a single vendor to cover the whole needs. It Means that it will get tougher as the employee strength gets bigger. This is were we come in. With a very strong fleet of happy drivers and also with a lot of support from technology, we will make your life easy as it will be in this area.


The Rydey dream is to establish our self as the pioneer and most respected employee transport service in the country. We will do it by redefining the ways in which things were and perceived to be done in the sector.


To create a framework from happiness and technology. It will help us to be the dominant force in the nation in employee transit services.

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